East Coast Run25The East Coast Run is a road run for historic vehicles of all types and was held this year on June 10th. This is the 44th running of what is becoming an increasingly popular event, and has been organised by the East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club since 2005.

The event is open to all classes of vehicle, including buses, trucks, cars, motorbikes and military vehicles. All vehicles entered must be at least 20 years old, unless they have special historical interest, in which case the organisers may give them special dispensation.

The day starts at East Park in Hull, where all eligible vehicles assemble and the public can wander around looking at the vehicles and chatting to the drivers. This year was the first decent day for quite a while and the warm sunshine brought the citizens of Hull out in their hundreds.

From eleven o-clock onwards the vehicles make their way along the A165 towards Sewerby, which is just north of the seaside town of Bridlington, where they assemble on the headland overlooking Bridlington Bay. Releasing several hundred vehicles from East Park on to the public highway takes quite a while, as they have to fit in with the Sunday morning traffic. It took us about an hour but eventually we hit the road.

East Coast Run57The journey north was the high spot of the day. Although we were amongst the last to leave Hull, there were still people parked in lay-bys and gateways watching the vehicles go by. We had our photos taken numerous times and by the time we arrived at Sewerby I had waved at so many folk I felt like the queen at the jubilee celebration.

The weather remained kind and, for most of the afternoon, pleasantly warm despite our elevated position overlooking the North Sea. Again there were large crowds wandering around the vehicles and auto-jumble stalls. Along the headland is Sewerby Hall and Gardens, an historic country house set in beautiful countryside and well worth a visit. A land train runs throughout the summer months between the Hall and Bridlington town.

East Coast Run32The East Coast Run is an event, which has grown significantly from its origin in 1969, when only a handful of buses took part, to be a significant day in the East Yorkshire calendar. With the current interest in historic vehicles continuing to grow its future looks good.


View my East Coast Run photos and other events at clivescortina on flickr