Estate cars of the 70’s made little or no concession to hiding whatever you were carrying in the luggage area behind the rear seat. Modern hatchbacks have large rear parcel shelves and estate cars have spring loaded covers but the Cortina mark 3 has neither.

IMG_2160Over the last year or so I have pondered this problem coming up with a wooden shelf behind the rear seat, this was about a foot deep and together with a car blanket covered my tool box. The rest of the luggage space remained uncovered. I also looked at the possibility of fitting a cover from a modern car but these are usually made for a certain model and difficult to adapt,  Paying out for something I might bin was not on.

Enter a £12.99 roller blind reduced to £10.38 at a local store. It was a blackout blind 4 feet wide and 5 feet long. The width across the car being slightly wider than 4 feet allowed space for the fittings.

IMG_2162I attached the roller mechanism to the top of the rear seat; this being metal allowed a good firm fixing with self tapping screws. I now raided the garage for inspiration on how to attach the other end of the blind. My brief was it had to pull the fabric tight but be readily removable to allow bigger items of luggage to be loaded.

IMG_2164Cutting a piece of chromium plated copper water pipe to the width of the car I then fabricated an “L-shaped” bracket to which I attached a pipe clip. I again used a self tapper to fix this bracket to the metal structure at the rear of the car. A second bracket and pipe clip was attached to the other side of the car. I removed the length of plastic supplied and fitted into the hem of the blind and replaced it with the chrome tubing. The chrome tube being wider than the blind allowed it to clip into the pipe clips.

IMG_2165Having proved the system worked I removed all the brackets and fitting and sprayed them black to match the car. If I need to carry a large load I simply unclip the pipe and roll up the blind, I can then tip the rear seat forward. The type of blind I used is one with a continuous loop of cord on the side to operate it, but I imagine it would be possible to use the spring loaded type.

IMG_2161Whilst I am a believer in keeping cars as original as possible it is also necessary to address modern issues of car crime etc. By keeping the installation of this blind as simple as possible it has provided a effective screen for my luggage with the only permanent impact on the car being the drilling of six small screw holes for the brackets.